Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy project

This was a fairly easy project, I had this old frame with the glass, kinda looked like a serving tray, had handles on it for some reason. Anyway.I had seen some other projects that were done with old mirrors where they had scraped away the silver to make the words. Since I didn't have an old mirror but I did have this frame and glass I thought I would make a "fake" mirror with words.
First on my computer I printed the "love" word in a font that I liked and the right size for the frame, then cut it out (I'm sure there are easier and more modern ways to do this, I just couldn't think of one at the time). I wet each letter and then laid it on the reverse side of the glass, being wet makes it stick to where you need it.  I then spray painted with silver paint, lightly.  The next step is to take some acetone and sprinkle gently over the silver paint, this causes little specks of the silver paint to come off.  After a few more minutes, lightly spray with bronze paint.  I also scratched it up just a little to make it look a little more rustic.
Welcome to my blog.. I'm new at this and just learning so if I mess something up please forgive me.  I want this to be a place I can share some of the things that I design and build.  Sometimes just putting stuff together is the same as designing and building.  As I look at some of the other blog pages out there I am just amazed at the amount of great ideas that just seem to come out of nothing.  I love seeing all the cool things that others have made, it makes me want to jump up and make something.  Thanks everyone for all your wonderful ideals.  I hope I can share some of mine with you and that ya'll will like them.