Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red Cabinet Remake

 This little cabinet wasn't much to look at.. I picked it up at a local flea market for $5.00.. just liked the way it looked with its sliding doors you don't see them too often... so I thought for 5.00 might as well give it a new home. I just cleaned it good and sanded it with my palm sander.  I don't usually prime any of my furniture projects cause it really doesn't matter if the paint comes off while I'm working on it, that just adds to the shabbyness of  piece.  After sanding I painted the outside with a flat black latex paint (didn't paint the inside, just cleaned it up good).  After the black paint dried I painted it with a berry red paint (that I had for years).  After letting the red dry again I hit it with the sander, the last step is to wipe on some stain to seal/age the paint and that's it.  Sold it at the flea market a few days later.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Sewing Machine Cabinet Upcycle

I lucked up and got this wonderful sewing machine cabinet for just dollars at our local Salvation Army store. I knew it just had to have a new life, the cabinet had such great details and was in really good shape. The sewing machine was one of those old heavy Singer Machine.. didn't work but that was fine. I just wanted the cabinet.  It opens in the middle and had a cute pop out drawer.
I wanted a hutch on it so I made this one, very simple made a box out of some reclaimed 1x6s, added 2 shelves and a paneling backboard.  I attached it to the top with some screws.  
I sanded it, then painted it black, waxed the edges, painted it a creamy white, sanded the edges so the black would come through then went over it with a dark stain, wipe on wipe off.    I added a few of the metal parts of the sewing machine to the cabinet just for fun.  The metal plate at the top was the facing off of the sewing machine and the hinges on the bottom shelf  was off of one of the sides.  I also added a shelf  under the bottom, its kinda narrow but there is room for a flat tray,  I used a piece of  trim to cover the edge of the plywood. I'm happy with it, taking to my booth on Sat. I hope someone will love it and want to take it home.

Friday, April 22, 2011


My kitchen window.

My kitchen sink.
Just wanted to share my little bit of Easter Decorations.  I hope all of you have blessed and wonderful Easter and take time to remember what its all about. My God bless you and yours on this most special holiday.

Thank you for following me, it makes me feel very special.

Another Funky Message Board

Not sure what it is with me... and message boards..they are just really fun to make, this one is made from the hind legs of a old latter, cork board squares and a small luan sheet, sprayed with chalkboard paint.  Wire is wrapped around the top and cafe curtain hangers are used to hang pictures and notes from.. I think this would be cool in the foyer of a restaurant advertising their daily specials, hope you like it !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shabby Cabinet

This is a cabinet that I built from scratch.  I don't really have a pattern that I go by other than some sketches with the measurements on it.  I just know what I want the finished product to be and I kinda go from there.  I used new 1x12s for the sides/legs and the shelves on the bottom. The front is 1x6s and the top is a 16x32 (I think).  The hutch part was built using 1x10s and other scrap wood that I had.  I used 3 1x4s for the door   The latch is actually a metal rod from an old doorknob,  I loosely screwed it to the cabinet so it would raise and lower, it rests on another old screw (detail picture below).  The fluted trim on the bottom front and top is from an old bench that I had taken apart years ago.  The little scroll plaques on the bottom are from an estate sale, not sure what they actually came off of.


This is the finished cabinet, sorry I didn't take pictures during the construction. I painted it with flat black paint to start, used a wax candle on the edges and other places that I didn't want the white paint to stick too.  Painted it again with a flat off white paint.  Next step is to sand, sand and sand, till it has just the right amount of distress.  Once I'm satisfied with the results, I used a water-base stain and wipe on and wipe off, that gives it the weathered look.

I built this to sell in my flea-market booth... It was in there a whole 2 hrs and then it was gone.. I had 2 ladies that wanted it.  So the one that didn't get it now wants me to make her one.. hum... maybe I will.. Hope you like this, it was fun, it was aggravating, frustrating and time consuming.  But I loved every minute of it.. (well almost). 


Friday, April 15, 2011

Decoupaged Box

This little jewelry box, well I like to call it that. It could be used to hold any type of small things.  It actually looks like a small dresser.  I picked it up at a local thrift store for a couple of bucks. It had been painted a plain white, which was okay.  But I thought it needed a little bit more of something.  I got some really great paper at HL for about .60 cents a sheet.  Cut it in strips with my pinking shears for the front of the drawers. After removing the tiny knobs, I used plain white glue and painted it to the back of the strips and then placed them on the front of the drawers. I let it dry a little while then painted more glue to the top of the paper for the decoupage part of the project.  For the top I cut small pieces of the same sheet also with my pinking shears and glued them randomly on the top, mixing and matching and overlapping them as I went.  I added the knobs back on and here it is. Turned out pretty cute. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Serving Tray

The lucky 3rd board becomes a serving tray... I sanded it down with my palm sander (love my palm sander).sorta whitewashed it with black and white paint, sanded it again.. drilled holes in the top to run the cord through for the handles, painted and added some screw in ball feet or finials. That was it.. not too hard, but did run into some problems.. first holes that I drilled were too small for the cord, and you just can't stuff cording into a hole that's too small.. so had to redrill them, then the drill bit acted up on me, kept getting stuck, so I had to recharge my battery.  But finally got it all together .. and this is it.. could use it as a serving tray or just a shelf to sit things on.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The "Board" Project...

I found 4 of these ammo crate lids at a new junk store that I found... stay tuned to see what they turn into.Well so far I have created 2 message board out of 2 of the lids.
 This is the first one.. First I sanded it down with my palm sander, did a little white wash. Then I nailed some old square nails at the top and kinda towards the bottom, wrapped some wire across, added some cafe curtain clips and on the back I added a long wire hanger.

The next one is kinda the same, I sanded it down, but I didn't white wash it and I used chicken wire and clothespins for the hangers. Also added a wire hanger on the back.

 2 more to go...

Bits and Pieces Chalkboard

 This is a chalkboard that I created out of a few things I had around the house.  The red is a beadboard frame I had made several years ago, it was inside a larger frame with a picture in it, but had been dismantled a few years ago and was just sitting around collecting dust in the attic.  The chalkboard was made by using a piece of old kitchen cabinet, plywood I think.  I used some spray on chalkboard paint for that part. The wire organizer came out of an antique kitchen cabinet. After painting the plywood I attached the frame to the front of it with some short screws, screwed on the wire basket, added a wire on the back to hang it and that was it.. Below are some of the ways you could use the wire basket.