Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red Cabinet Remake

 This little cabinet wasn't much to look at.. I picked it up at a local flea market for $5.00.. just liked the way it looked with its sliding doors you don't see them too often... so I thought for 5.00 might as well give it a new home. I just cleaned it good and sanded it with my palm sander.  I don't usually prime any of my furniture projects cause it really doesn't matter if the paint comes off while I'm working on it, that just adds to the shabbyness of  piece.  After sanding I painted the outside with a flat black latex paint (didn't paint the inside, just cleaned it up good).  After the black paint dried I painted it with a berry red paint (that I had for years).  After letting the red dry again I hit it with the sander, the last step is to wipe on some stain to seal/age the paint and that's it.  Sold it at the flea market a few days later.



  1. I Love it! Awesome job! It's unique because of the sliding doors. You are right, you don't see them too often.

  2. What great bargain for $5.00! And it look's great after your makeover. Thank you for sharing it at Masterpeice Monday. Have great week, Mary :O)


Thank you so much for your comments and kind words.. hope you have a blessed day, Teresa