Friday, June 24, 2011

Display Stand

This was one of those wooden plate servers, after I spray painted it white and distressed it a little, to me it just said please put seashells on me... thought it was a new way to display my favorite seashells.

Kitchen Cabinets

 This is my kitchen, small but efficient.  We have been working on the remodel since we moved in 4 years ago.  We have removed a wall oven cabinet that was across from the refrigerator that I totally hated.  Changed out the counter tops, removed a corner appliance garage, replaced the stainless steel sink with this antique white porcelain one that belonged to Mr. T's Mother. Took all the top cabinet doors off, replaced all the hardware and then the last change we made was the floor. 

 This picture shows the spindles that I added beside the stove, also added them beside the dishwasher.

This is a detail shot of the kick plate that I added, I love the look of freestanding furniture and was hoping this little detail would kinda look that way.  I cut these out of some of left over cabinet when we removed a wall oven cabinet from the kitchen.
 before picture of the stove with no spindles.
 before picture of the cabinet bottoms.
I removed the standard scalloped faceplate that went over the kitchen and replaced with this piece of oak trim and spindles that my sweet husband cut into for me.

 One day I would like to paint these cabinets.. but sweetie is just not ready to give in to that just yet.