Sunday, October 16, 2011

New use for old saws....

Hello everyone, sorry to be gone so long, I have been working on lots of projects and I hope to share pictures with you now that fall is here...
One new project is a memo board I made from several old saws that I purchased from a scrap iron dealer at our local fleamarket for next to nothing, actually not sure how much I paid a piece for them, I go a whole load of stuff that day for $15.00... anyway got about 9 of these rusted saws and just knew I would fine a project for them.  I decided to make a memo board since they are magnetic.  After removing the handles I used the handle screw holes to attach each one to an old picture frame that I had.  I lined them up horizontally in a pattern that I liked and screwed them in using the existing holes. Once finished I used some polyurethane to seal in the rust cause we wouldn't want to lose that beautiful rust color that we all love.  Made a couple of magnets out of some calendar number just so people would know what this piece of rusted mess was.  This is the best picture that I had. I took it to the flea market to sell and I added the fall vine for decoration.
Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Made this chalkboard organizer out of a door, surprise !! painted one of the panels with the chalkboard paint added the wire and hooks on the other panel. Added a vintage (old) metal clipboard and the little tray thing at the top was actually came with the door.. not sure what its purpose was.. picked up the door at the Habitat for Humanity Rehab store for about 4.00

Friday, June 24, 2011

Display Stand

This was one of those wooden plate servers, after I spray painted it white and distressed it a little, to me it just said please put seashells on me... thought it was a new way to display my favorite seashells.

Kitchen Cabinets

 This is my kitchen, small but efficient.  We have been working on the remodel since we moved in 4 years ago.  We have removed a wall oven cabinet that was across from the refrigerator that I totally hated.  Changed out the counter tops, removed a corner appliance garage, replaced the stainless steel sink with this antique white porcelain one that belonged to Mr. T's Mother. Took all the top cabinet doors off, replaced all the hardware and then the last change we made was the floor. 

 This picture shows the spindles that I added beside the stove, also added them beside the dishwasher.

This is a detail shot of the kick plate that I added, I love the look of freestanding furniture and was hoping this little detail would kinda look that way.  I cut these out of some of left over cabinet when we removed a wall oven cabinet from the kitchen.
 before picture of the stove with no spindles.
 before picture of the cabinet bottoms.
I removed the standard scalloped faceplate that went over the kitchen and replaced with this piece of oak trim and spindles that my sweet husband cut into for me.

 One day I would like to paint these cabinets.. but sweetie is just not ready to give in to that just yet.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey everyone....

sorry I haven't blogged anything in a while... but I've got some real surprises coming soon I promise... I'll give you a little hint.. it has something to do with customizing your kitchen to you soon.. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A new sign...

I was inspired to create a sign by fellow blogger Donna at
her  farmers-market-story-and-sign was so creative in 2 ways.  The story was touching and the sign was a wonderful memory creation.  My story for my sign is 30 years of marriage to the same wonderful man who patiently puts up with my crazy ideals and still loves me even when I ask him to help.  This sign commemorates our beginning in 1980.  The board that I found looks to be about that old, Mr. T brought it home from a remodeling job that he was working on, I rescued it from the burn pile, thank goodness... it had the wonderful chippy paint that we all love.  I used stencils for the name and date, after painting on the letters, I lightly sanded for the aged look on the letters.  Following Donna's  love of old hardware and such, I added a rusty hinge at one end and an old metal piece at the other end.. I have a wonderful collection of all doorknobs and just so happened this beautiful old black one just fit.  Thank you Donna for the wonderful inspiration !!
I love my sign !!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tale of Two Tables

Two Tables Tale...this is a tale of two tables that I have refinished.  And as you can see they are very much alike but different.  The problem is I forgot to take a before picture of the after one. And I forgot to take an after picture of the before one. Does that make sense?  Let me try again..So the tale is the table in the before picture I bought from my Niece and refinished it in a very similar paint design, but I didn't get a picture of it, I put it down at the fleamarket and it was gone in 3 days.  So I found this one in the after picture at one of the local thrift shops, and as I said I forgot to take a picture of it...


Anyhow this one also started out as black, I sanded with the palm sander, then painted with a grayish/blue paint that I used in my kitchen.  I left some of the details black for the contrast.  After the paint dried I sanded again but just mainly on the edges, I didn't want too much of the gray to come off.  I finished it off with a ebony stain.  Also I used a hard paste wax on the top, just to add a little more durability since this is a table for eating on.  I hope this one sells as fast as the other.. hope you enjoyed my table tale..  : )

A little something..

This is a little something that I came up with the other day.. I called it a tray but it didn't have any handles.. but it did have feet.. so it was an elevated tray stand something I guess you could say.. Any how.. sorry I don't have a before picture.. really didn't plan on posting it, I just made it to put in my booth.. didn't really think anyone would want the little thing, but as it turned out it was only there a few days when someone fell in love with the little thing and took it home.. LOL.... it cost me nothing to make.. the top was from a stool that I found on the side of the road, the little feet came out of a box of wood pieces and parts that I got for .50 cents, had all the paint..The feet had the little screws already in them so I just drilled a pilot hole and then screwed them in. I sprayed painted it white then just did a free hand of the beachy words, then of course had to sand off some of that for the aged look, I slapped a little of the dark blue on the feet and that was it...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Red Cabinet Remake

 This little cabinet wasn't much to look at.. I picked it up at a local flea market for $5.00.. just liked the way it looked with its sliding doors you don't see them too often... so I thought for 5.00 might as well give it a new home. I just cleaned it good and sanded it with my palm sander.  I don't usually prime any of my furniture projects cause it really doesn't matter if the paint comes off while I'm working on it, that just adds to the shabbyness of  piece.  After sanding I painted the outside with a flat black latex paint (didn't paint the inside, just cleaned it up good).  After the black paint dried I painted it with a berry red paint (that I had for years).  After letting the red dry again I hit it with the sander, the last step is to wipe on some stain to seal/age the paint and that's it.  Sold it at the flea market a few days later.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Sewing Machine Cabinet Upcycle

I lucked up and got this wonderful sewing machine cabinet for just dollars at our local Salvation Army store. I knew it just had to have a new life, the cabinet had such great details and was in really good shape. The sewing machine was one of those old heavy Singer Machine.. didn't work but that was fine. I just wanted the cabinet.  It opens in the middle and had a cute pop out drawer.
I wanted a hutch on it so I made this one, very simple made a box out of some reclaimed 1x6s, added 2 shelves and a paneling backboard.  I attached it to the top with some screws.  
I sanded it, then painted it black, waxed the edges, painted it a creamy white, sanded the edges so the black would come through then went over it with a dark stain, wipe on wipe off.    I added a few of the metal parts of the sewing machine to the cabinet just for fun.  The metal plate at the top was the facing off of the sewing machine and the hinges on the bottom shelf  was off of one of the sides.  I also added a shelf  under the bottom, its kinda narrow but there is room for a flat tray,  I used a piece of  trim to cover the edge of the plywood. I'm happy with it, taking to my booth on Sat. I hope someone will love it and want to take it home.