Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little something..

This is a little something that I came up with the other day.. I called it a tray but it didn't have any handles.. but it did have feet.. so it was an elevated tray stand something I guess you could say.. Any how.. sorry I don't have a before picture.. really didn't plan on posting it, I just made it to put in my booth.. didn't really think anyone would want the little thing, but as it turned out it was only there a few days when someone fell in love with the little thing and took it home.. LOL.... it cost me nothing to make.. the top was from a stool that I found on the side of the road, the little feet came out of a box of wood pieces and parts that I got for .50 cents, had all the paint..The feet had the little screws already in them so I just drilled a pilot hole and then screwed them in. I sprayed painted it white then just did a free hand of the beachy words, then of course had to sand off some of that for the aged look, I slapped a little of the dark blue on the feet and that was it...

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