Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shabby Cabinet

This is a cabinet that I built from scratch.  I don't really have a pattern that I go by other than some sketches with the measurements on it.  I just know what I want the finished product to be and I kinda go from there.  I used new 1x12s for the sides/legs and the shelves on the bottom. The front is 1x6s and the top is a 16x32 (I think).  The hutch part was built using 1x10s and other scrap wood that I had.  I used 3 1x4s for the door   The latch is actually a metal rod from an old doorknob,  I loosely screwed it to the cabinet so it would raise and lower, it rests on another old screw (detail picture below).  The fluted trim on the bottom front and top is from an old bench that I had taken apart years ago.  The little scroll plaques on the bottom are from an estate sale, not sure what they actually came off of.


This is the finished cabinet, sorry I didn't take pictures during the construction. I painted it with flat black paint to start, used a wax candle on the edges and other places that I didn't want the white paint to stick too.  Painted it again with a flat off white paint.  Next step is to sand, sand and sand, till it has just the right amount of distress.  Once I'm satisfied with the results, I used a water-base stain and wipe on and wipe off, that gives it the weathered look.

I built this to sell in my flea-market booth... It was in there a whole 2 hrs and then it was gone.. I had 2 ladies that wanted it.  So the one that didn't get it now wants me to make her one.. hum... maybe I will.. Hope you like this, it was fun, it was aggravating, frustrating and time consuming.  But I loved every minute of it.. (well almost). 



  1. Wow! What an awesome cabinet. You did an amazing job. I can see why it sold right away.

  2. Hi Teresa! Thanks so mcuh for visiting and following my blog! This is a fantastic piece! You are very talented! I would buy it too!
    Hope you have a great week!


Thank you so much for your comments and kind words.. hope you have a blessed day, Teresa